Car Beds for Dogs 2023

Dog owners frequently travel with their beloved dog and you can always tell the dog is enjoying it as its head sticks out the window with an expression you can only assume is a smile. However, keeping your dog safe while in a vehicle is important and a car bed is your solution to ensure they are secure and comfortable. Letting dogs travel in an uncovered pickup truck is dangerous in more ways than one and should be avoided at all costs, especially with safe dog beds available today.

Chew Proof Dog Beds 2023

chew proof dog beds

Puppies love to chew and that may not stop when they reach adulthood. Chew proof dog beds help dog owners save money by not having to replace old, chewed up dog beds multiple times a year… or week. Dogs will not stop chewing after they have made a hole in their bed. They will then want to rip out the stuffing and have it scatter across the whole home.

Cozy Cave Dog Bed 2023

Cozy cave dog beds are enjoyed by many different breeds and come in many different colors and sizes so even large dogs can enjoy the comfort of being surrounded by soft material. Some chewing dogs like feeling secure by having something over their heads and a cozy cave dog bed provides them with just that. Your dog can imagine he is hiding while being able to peak his head out to watch what is going on.

Square Dog Beds 2023

square dog beds

Square dog beds do the same as any other dog bed on the market today. They give your dog a comfortable and supportive place to sleep instead of on a hard and cold floor. How your dog prefers lying down will tell you if they will enjoy having a square dog bed.